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About Us is a Vision of Ln.Ranadheer Reddy Rondla, District Chairperson for Information Technology - Lions District 316 C.
About Ln. Ranadheer Reddy Rondla - The Visionary
Ln. Ranadheer Reddy Rondla is a Software Developer by Profession - CEO of CorporateDesigner - A Software Development Center based in Warangal with the Eminent Team (Freelancers) of 8 Web and Android & IPhone Application Developers located accross India. Being in to the field of Web Designing / Web Development since 2004 has  Sucessfully completed hundreds of Projects for clients in various fields.
How it Started?
A Vision to do the best for the Lions Community has started in the year 2005 which has reached thousands of Lion Members accross the world to share their vision. But, this has reached only the members who are utilising the Internet Technology.
Observing at all the things for years .... a Dream arised to BUILD a platform which can make all the Lions Club Members who are not Regular Internet users can also get together. After years of Efforts could manage to Build which can be utilised by all the Members in the Lions District though they dont have Computer or Internet at their location just with a Smart Phone in their Hand.
How can this Platform be Helpful for Lions District / Lions Clubs / Lion Members ? is accessable through Website and Mobile App. Lion Members can use the Mobile App even when not connected to Internet (Offline). is managed by Professionals who are  over a peroid of Decade in the field of Website Administration. Now we have proposed to have a Seperate Division to Administrate this portal with dedicated staff to assist & manage the needs of the Lions Districts & Clubs in India.
1. This Platform will help Lions District Administration to maintain accurate data of the Lion Members in their District, as we have proposed to have team to call and enquire every member in the District that the details of the member to be accurate.
This helps Lions District to Publish their District Directory with Accurate Information about all the members in the district and also with in time.
2. This Platform helps the Clubs and Members to manage their details to be accurate when ever they feel the need... Eg: if a Member in the Club has their Phone / Mobile / Email or Address to be Changed, they can Update it Instantly which will reflect on the website as well all the devices where the App is been installed.
So, all the Clubs and Members are Update with the Accurate details of the Members ALWAYS.
3. District can send regular Notifications to all the members. While an SMS has a Limit of 160 charectors and Email is accessable only by regular Internet Users, this APP can help communicate all the Members inthe District with out any Limit instantly. The Only Requirement the member shall have is a Smart Phone which is available at offordable prices in the Indian Market.
4. All the Members who has installed the APP will be ALERTED every day at a scheduled time about the Districts Calender of Events, Birthday & Marriage days of the Members in their Lions District.
These alerts are displayed thorugh the Member is not connected to Internet. This helps Lion Leaders to plan the Service Activity / Event as per the schedule of District.
This also Helps the Members to Greet the members regularly on their Birthday & Marriage Anniversaries which builds a Good Relation between the Members in the Lions District.
5. Lion District can reduce its expences towards priting the Lions District Directory every year. Part of the Cost towards this is consumed for composing the directory.
Most of the time even after spending a huge amount, the end result when the directory comes out is with Wrong data for most of the Member records. There is no possibility of Editing / Updating once the directory is Published.
But now, As our efforts are towards making the District Information to be Accurate, the same data can be downloaded in EXCEL format which can be used by the district to Get its Annual Directory Printed.
Saves District Funds & Time with Accurate Information as well.
FundRaising for Lions District vision not ends just providing the District a Solution by providing the District Information in to hands of Members with out Internet Technology... But extends to Improve Public Relations amongest the LIONS COMMUNITY.
As all the Lion Members are professionals, We Proposed to Include a Section "Business Directory" where a Member can list his Business / Profession during the Lionistic Year by paying a Nominal cost to his Lions District. Funds raised through Business Directory will remain with the Lions District which can be used for the Service Activities in their respective Districts.
For a Lion Member who has published their Listing in this section has a scope of promoting to the Entire Lions Community in India and World (as Internet doesnt have any Boundaries).
For rest of the Lion Members this section can be help ful to find a service provider amongst Lions Community which can be Mutual benifit for both the Lion Members.
Our Efforts are Satisfied, If your District can Motivate atleast 500 Professional Members (20% of the District Membership) with a Nominal cost of Rs.1000/-, which can Raise a Fund of Rs.5 Lakh additionally for your District Service Activities.
Annual Cost for Lions District to use this platform...
A Lions District who wish to use this Platform for their District Administration has to pay a Nominal Recurring Annual payment towards the Administration charges.
These charges will be utilised to Pay the Staff, as well as administration costs incurring in maintaining the Website and App as well as development of future versions.
A Nominal fee of Rs.15,000/- per Month will be charged to the Lions District which shall be paid annually well in advance by 31-July of the Lionistic year.
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